What goes on inside the Mobile Spa?

Each and every pet is expertly handled with dignity, kindness and respect. I really take pride in understanding the importance of a clean environment as well as clean and sanitized tools for the health and welfare of every pet that enters the salon. My standards of cleanliness are set forth by the Professional Pet Groomers & Stylists Alliance. Pets with limited mobility will be given a comfort groom to reduce stress. Humanity before vanity is always a priority.

I only use high-quality, biodegradable products.  chosen specifically for the needs of your pet’s skin and coat.

Relaxing Bubble Bath

Massaging jets of warm water are infused with shampoo chosen for each pet's skin type using a hydro-surge bathing system for the best results.

Towel-dry and wrap

Every pet gets a fresh, clean towel and is hand-dried and wrapped snugly. Nails are trimmed and filed.

Blow Dry and Comb-out

Ears are protected from the sound of the high-velocity dryer and skin is inspected. Coat is prepped for styling

Time for some style

The longer the coat, the more frequently your pet will need to be groomed. We can discuss options at the time of visit.

Finishing Touches

A bow, some bling, fragrance and a coat polish are included. Please let me know of any sensitivities to scents.

On Camera

Check out my social media pages and you just might see a familiar fuzzy face!

Limited Appointments

(909) 965-47674

How the magic happens
Book Your Pet's Appointment

Call or text. I will respond back with an available time slot. Plan on being available 30 minutes before and after a first-time appointment.

I Arrive on Scheduled Day

This is a great time to see inside the mobile spa. Your pet is groomed based on our discussion and your pet's needs.

Your Fully Groomed Pet

A short walk back to you and your pet is back on the couch. Re-book your appointment. Pets on a reoccurring four weeks schedule get priority time slots before all major holidays.