Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments are limited as this is a one person-operated business. (for now)  Feel free to request an appointment by clicking on one of the buttons above or calling (909) 965-4767. You can even request by text. If a slot is available in your area, you will be contacted to schedule you pet in. Thank you for your patience.
Cat grooming is a skilled service and most groomers will not groom them. I do groom cats, but due to my current schedule, its a little trickier to fit them in. If it’s been several months  since your cat has been groomed pricing will depend on temperament, size, and condition of coat. Pricing generally STARTS at $120.00+ for short-haired cats and $140.00+ for long-haired.  Each groom includes a lion-trim or comb-out (whichever you prefer) nails trimmed, pads trimmed, sanitary trim, bath, ears cleaned, eyes cleaned and gentle blow dry. Unlike dogs, cats always determine when the groom is over.
I stay super busy with regularly scheduled pets Monday through Friday. So same day appointments are not available. I have several routes and usually hit each area once a month. If I get a cancellation, I may be able to fit someone in from my waitlist the next time I’m in your area.  
Every groom is all- inclusive and includes a bath with biodegradable shampoo, conditioner if needed, anal glands checked, ears cleaned, nails trimmed and filed smooth, a blow dry, brush out and style. We can discuss your preferences on the day of your pet’s scheduled groom.
If you are a regularly scheduled client and need to reschedule, the sooner I know, the better I can offer another time slot that will work for us both. I do request that you let me know with a minimum of 48 hours so that I have time to notify someone from my waitlist. Appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours or less may be subject to a cancellation fee before your pet can be groomed again.
After a long grooming career, I had to implement a weight limit of 40 pounds and under. But I’m happy to refer you to another great groomer in the area for your big dog.

Meet Your Groomer…

It’s really a pleasure to have the privilege of working with pets every day. I appreciate your interest in Inspiring Selah (Say-la) Mobile Spa.

My favorite part of being a mobile groomer is that I get to interact with each pet where they’re most comfortable…at home!

Over the past fifteen years in business, grooming has never been boring.

My proudest accomplishment was earning my certification with the National Dog Groomers Association of America in 2017.

This required a 100 question test for each breed category, hands on grooming with a time limit, and critique by two grooming judges who decided on a passing or failing grade. Whew!

These days, I stay pretty busy everyday and appointment slots fill up quickly. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Victoria Blair, NCG

Inspiring Selah Mobile

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