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My policies are how I must run my business so that everyone is treated fairly and I can route effectively.


Making an appointment is fast and easy. I do not answer my phone during a grooming session, so please leave me a message and I will return the call at the end of the day or the next business morning.  A text is much faster and easier for me to return.

I will arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible. However, sometimes situations occur that will disrupt the daily schedule of the groom. This includes traffic, weather, mechanical difficulties, or spending more time with an older/younger pet or a difficult pet. I will never compromise a pet’s safety by rushing to meet a schedule. You will be called and advised of an arrival time when schedules change beyond my control. You should plan to be available 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the allotted appointment time.

If you will not be home due to a scheduling conflict, we can make arrangements for a latch key appointment at no additional cost. This will ensure your pet receives the scheduled groom. Trying to reschedule due to a time conflict may be difficult.

Latch-Key Appointments

The beauty of a mobile service is that I can still groom your pet if you can’t be home. This service is reserved for current clients only and not available for first timers. 

Your pet must be in an easily accessible area as I do not want to venture into private areas of your home or property. Having your pet confined to a crate, a small portion of your yard, or inside a bathroom is ideal as I won’t make time for a game of “catch me if you can.” If this occurs, the appointment will be rescheduled at full price. Prior payment arrangements must be made by a check, cash or credit card on file. 

I utilize Square Payment System for all major credit cards. All sensitive data is encrypted into that secure system, and I am not able to keep any credit card information in any of my own devices.  After the groom, all doors, gates, garage doors will be secured per your instructions. Your pet will be given a chance to potty before going back into the house.  

Latchkey appointments work out nicely for pets that are home alone and it becomes a nice break in their day.  


Pricing varies for each pet and is determined by breed, size, services requested, and coat condition. Additional charges may apply for behavior issues, matting, de-shedding, excessive coat or parasite infestation.  Any quotes given prior to grooming are estimations only and final grooming price is determined after grooming is complete.


All payments are due at the time of service. I happily accept cash, credit card payments and checks. Checks returned due to insufficient funds will be subject to a $45.00 ‘returned check fee’ plus any fees my bank may charge. If you are not present for your pet’s grooming appointment, payment arrangements must be made ahead of time. 

Cancellations and No Shows

I completely understand busy schedules and sincerely appreciate serving your pets’ grooming needs. Each time slot is thoughtfully scheduled out with your pet and their needs in mind. However, last minute cancellations throw a big wrench into my schedule and take up a spot that could have gone to someone else on my waiting list.

A 48-hour notification is preferred, but cancellations can be made at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  A 50% fee of the groom will apply to a less than 24 hour cancellation. A full grooming service trip fee will be accessed for a missed scheduled appointment. This will also apply to multiple pet households if one or more pet is unavailable for a scheduled groom. The sooner I am notified, the more flexibility I will have to reschedule your pet’s time slot. 

Behavior Problems

If your pet has a behavior problem, please be honest and let me know. This doesn’t mean that your pet cannot be groomed, but it will prepare me to approach the situation in the most humane and effective way and allow me to configure the time allotted for the groom. Owners will be held liable for any bites or any property damage caused by their pets. If I feel your pet’s behavior is compromising their or my safety, I will stop the groom and pro-rated charges will apply.

Senior/disabled pets & health problems

Humanity before vanity is always my strategy. The goal with these pets is to get them clean and comfortable with the least amount of discomfort. Please keep in mind a groom may reveal an underlying problem or aggravate an existing one. You hereby agree not to hold Inspiring Selah Mobile Spa responsible for accident or injury to your senior or health compromised pet during grooming.

Matted Pets

Once again, humanity before vanity will apply. De-matting is a stressful procedure and I will only attempt if the matting is at a minimum and your pet will physically be able to withstand such procedure. Puppies and dogs with a short attention span may have to forgo de-matting and will receive a shorter haircut for their safety. De-matting cats is not an option and matted cats will always receive a “smoothie.” 

Heavy matting may reveal mold, fungus or bacteria due to moisture trapped near skin. After-effects of removing matted coat can include itchiness, dry skin, redness, tenderness, or even a hemotoma. (areas of skin that may fill with blood and appear puffy.) Your dog may want to lick, scratch or chew the area. In less than serious cases, your pet may act embarrassed, so please be sensitive to how you react to your pet’s new look. 

Please be aware, that in rare cases, hair might not grow back. This is especially more common in breeds with an undercoat and is usually due to a pre-existing condition and not actual shaving.

The owner is responsible for the condition of the pet’s coat and skin and will not hold Inspiring Selah Mobile Spa responsible in the event of adverse effects of mat removal and/or shaving. Additional charges will apply for matted pets.

Veterinary Services

Every precaution is taken to keep your pet as safe as possible while in my care. If your pet becomes ill or injured during this time, and is in need of veterinary care, you hereby give me permission to obtain treatment if you are not available and further agree to pay all veterinary expenses. 


The quiet atmosphere of the mobile spa is an ideal place for cat grooming.  However, cats always sense ‘something is up’ on grooming day and may attempt a dissapearing act. This is why I require all cats to be confined BEFORE I arrive. Cats that are “missing is action” for more than 10 minutes after I arrive will be charged a full grooming fee for the day and must be rescheduled for a new appointment. 

Last but not least

It truly is a pleasure to be able to serve my clients doing what I love! I take this profession very seriously and consider it a great privilege to be able to earn a living caring for your precious pets. If you should have any issues, concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via a phone call, text or email. I am more than happy to resolve an issue in this way rather than be left wondering why I am not seeing your pet on my schedule again or be surprised by an an unsatisfactory online review. I appreciate constructive feedback and will do my best to communicate with you about your pet. Thank you again for your trust in allowing me to groom your fur child!

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Appointment slots are limited, so be sure your pet is on a reoccurring grooming schedule