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Inspiring Selah Mobile Spa
A full-service mobile pet grooming spa at your front door!
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Serving areas of the Southern California Inland Empire!
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Clean and Comfortable!
Let us pamper your pet in luxury! Our mobile spa tub, table, and other equipment is cleaned and sanitized after every pet! We set our standards of care by the Professional Pet Groomers And Stylists Alliance
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Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Proudly serving the California Inland Empire since 2007

in the areas of

Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa, Yucaipa, Redlands Loma Linda, Hemet and San Jacinto on alternate routes.

Exclusive grooming dog and cat grooming at your front door!

Inspiring Selah Mobile Spa is a fully self-contained mobile unit that offers 

Experienced in all breed cuts, and cat-friendly!
Your pet is the VIP!

(909) 965-4767

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Pricing Estimates

Small  (20 lbs & Under) $75-$85

Toy Poodle, Cavalier, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkie, Westie

Medium (20 to 45 lbs) $80-$110

 Miniature Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Beagle,  Mini English Bulldog, Miniature Schnauzer    

Large (Over 40 Lbs) $95-$150 + 

Standard Poodle, Springer Spaniel, Bassett Hound, Labrador Retriever 

Please be aware these prices are estimations only, based on regularly groomed pets on a four to six week schedule. Overweight dogs, senior pets or dogs with matted coats will be charged accordingly based on time and condition of coat. Dogs with behavioral issues will be groomed on a very limited basis. We regret that due to the size of our small unit, we are not willing to take on giant sized breeds, but will be happy to refer you to another groomer in the area. 

Every pet receives

 A warm hydro-massage

warm hand drying and fluff

Ear cleaning

Nail trim and file

A breed trim or personality style

A bow or bling

About Your Groomer

Mobile Pet Grooming At Your Front Door-Inspiring Selah 2
me and my girls, Selah (left) and Diamond

Hi! I’m Victoria Blair.  Mobile Pet Stylist and the proud owner of Inspiring Selah Mobile Spa. I’m certified with the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

I’m pet CPR certified through PetTech and have participated and successfully met the requirements set forth by the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America.

For as long as I could remember, I’ve loved being around dogs and cats.  This led me to my first job in a veterinary hospital at seventeen.

My curiosity and love of animals led me to other animal-related opportunities such as being a Chick Manager at an ostrich ranch, a Kennel Manager at a guide dog school and working alongside the top veterinary orthopedic surgeon in the early nineties.

Working in a veterinary setting taught me a lot about handling pets that were in pain and the correct way to hold them during treatment.

My first mobile unit, started in 2007, was known as Pets And The City Mobile Grooming. In the Spring of 2018, Inspiring Selah Mobile Spa debuted.

While it’s a little difficult to pronounce, the word selah (Say-la) is an ancient Hebrew word that has been a mystery for thousands of years. Many scholars believe it means “to praise” and to “pause and reflect” on uplifting words.

These are the elements I like to embody while grooming pets in the Mobile Spa. My tagline, “Inspired by Love” is truly what I want for every pet to experience during their spa day!

When I’m not grooming, I enjoy spending time with my family which includes Selah and Diamond, my Standard Poodle girls.


Cat Grooming

Mobile Pet Grooming At Your Front Door-Inspiring Selah 3
Mobile Pet Grooming At Your Front Door-Inspiring Selah 4

Cats usually do amazingly well in the mobile spa.

For the safety of your pet, I require your kitty to be inside a carrier before I arrive. Cats always know “something is up” on Grooming Day, and getting him or her confined prior is important. A cat that has done a “disappearing act” by the time I have arrived will incur 50% of the grooming charge payable the day of the appointment. If you don’t have a cat carrier, a pillowcase is a great alternative. 

Lion Clip $125

Complete Comb-Out and De-Shed $110-120

*Additional fees may apply based on the condition of coat, matting,  or very dirty or greasy coats

Every Cat Groom Includes

Nail Trim

Hair lightly trimmed between pads

warm hydro-massage using cat appropriate shampoo

Ears inspected and cleaned

Gentle eye and face wash-Cats love this!

Light Towel massage

Gentle air blow-dry (if Kitty allows)

My Policies

The best way to book an appointment is to click on the “Booking” buttons throughout this site. I will be able to see when I will be in your area and check availability. Regularly scheduled clients on a four-week grooming schedule will always get first priority for prime appointment spots. 


For first time clients, please book your appointment on a day that you can be home at least 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the session so we may go over your pet’s needs and we can discuss things pertaining to the session and haircut. Remember to pull out your car from the driveway or garage before I arrive if you need to leave soon after your pet’s spa day. 

I will arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible. However, sometimes situations such as weather, mechanical issues, traffic, or having to spend more time with an older or younger pet. 

Safety is my priority, so I will never rush an appointment to meet a schedule.  If I see that I may be running behind, I will either give you a call or text and keep you notified of the situation. 

Cancellations/No Shows

The time allotted for your pet’s grooming appointment has been set aside especially for them. I understand life happens but due to the nature of my business and routing in different areas, I require a 48-hour cancellation window. For instance, If you have a Monday morning appointment, I would need notification of a cancellation on Friday. 

All cancellations made with less than a 48-hour time frame are subject to 50% of the grooming charge and must be paid prior to your pet’s next appointment.

If your appointment is for multiple pets and one or more pet is not able to be groomed, the cancellation policy still applies. 

My scheduling system is set to automatically remind you of your pet’s upcoming appointment. When you receive the reminder, please follow the prompts to confirm as soon as possible to avoid being moved to my waitlist.


When booking appointments, please be honest about your pet’s track record with other groomers and all possible sensitivities or injuries. This does not mean that your pet cannot be groomed. It will help me better assess the best way to approach the situation and keep the groom as stress-free as possible. If your pet has never been groomed, I need to know this as well.

Senior pets, pets that are frail, pets with past injuries or conditions, may not be able to withstand the time needed for a full groom. In these cases, I do not “promise pretty.” Your pet’s safety and comfort is the main goal. 

Owners will be held liable for any bites or any property damage caused by their pets.  Pro-rated charges will apply.

Matted Pets

I will take the time to de-mat coats that can easily be brushed and combed out, but excessive matting that is very close to the skin will be shaved out and your pet will receive a “smoothy.” No exceptions. 

My motto is “humanity before vanity.” Removal of tight mats runs a risk of skin irritation, nicks or cuts and I will take every precaution to avoid this. The after-effects may include itching, biting at skin, and skin redness. Your pet may also act embarrassed and may go hide afterward.

The owner is ultimately responsible for the pet’s coat and will not hold Inspiring Selah Mobile Spa responsible for any adverse reactions. I’m also happy to show you some tricks and ways to make it easier to maintain your pet’s coat in between grooming appointments. Mat removal fees will apply. 

Latch-Key Appointments

The beauty of a mobile service is that I’m able to groom your pet when you are away from home. This is especially a nice break in the day for pets that are home alone all day.

When you are ready, and I have groomed your pet more than once, we can set you up on latch-key appointments and you will have the pleasure of coming home to a clean, well-groomed pet!

I will take the time to allow your pet to potty before putting him or her back inside.

Your pet MUST be in an easily accessible area in your home or know me well enough to approach me in your fenced yard. I will not take time for chasing games all over the yard nor hunting under beds or furniture.  I do not want to go into the private areas of your home.

Prior payment arrangements must be made for all latch-key appointments and payable the day of service.


For your convenience,

All major credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted. 

Checks returned due to insufficient funds will be subject to a $45 returned check fee, plus any fees my bank may charge.

I use Square payment system for all credit card transactions and your card information is safely encrypted into the Square system.

Square prohibits the storage of card numbers, magnetic-stripe data, and security codes on any of my devices. Any cards ‘on file’ are directly encrypted into their system.

I want to hear from you!

Phone 909-965-4767
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