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I Am Passionate About Pets!

I absolutely love being a mobile groomer! As a young teen, as I was trying to find myself, I took a job cleaning cages at Banning Veterinary Hospital back when it was at a much smaller location. Little did I know, that experience would blossom into a life long position working with pets. 

 From being a chick manager taking care of baby ostriches on an ostrich ranch, to managing the kennel at Guide Dogs of the Desert in the early 90’s, to working alongside the top orthopedic veterinary surgeons in the country.

But working with families on my route tops them all!

I truly believe we never stop learning, so I’ve continued my education over the years and earned certification with The Professional Cat Groomers Association, as well as kept current with Pet CPR and First Aid through Pet Tech. In 2018, I earned my certification through the National Dog Groomers Association.

While a little hard to pronounce,  “selah” (Say-la) is an ancient Hebrew word. It appears seventy-four times in the Hebrew Bible, seventy-one times in the Psalms, and three times in the Book of Habukuk.  The  meaning is not quite understood, but it is believed to mean to pause (in our case “paws”!) and reflect about beautiful, positive words that were said. It could also mean to praise. Which is what I think every pet should hear every day.  



Victoria Blair, NCG

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